High Frequency Monitoring


Have your web-based assets continuously monitored with WITS HFM. This high-frequency, fully-automated vulnerability scanning service ensures common and generic issues are caught quickly, significantly reducing an attacker’s window of opportunity.

It is most effective against:

  • Vulnerabilities newly introduced by changes to your code or configuration.
  • Vulnerabilities on freshly deployed assets.
  • Vulnerabilities disclosed in first-time public announcements (i.e. CVEs and company publications)


Early detection & mitigation.

Compared to traditional quarterly or biannual vulnerability scanning, which leaves a multi-month window for vulnerabilities to arise and attackers to find and exploit them, HFM reduces that period to under 24 hours for most detectable bugs.

Instant Alerts & Reporting

HFM findings are immediately sent to you via notification channels of your choice. Past and current findings are also recorded and displayed in a dedicated web interface to which you’ll have access anytime & anywhere.

Initial requirements:

  • Written consent in the form of a contract.
  • List of assets to be monitored as URLs, FQDNs, and IP addresses. These can be updated anytime from your HFM dashboard.
  • One or more instant notification methods, such as SMS, email, Slack, or Telegram.