Our Cyber Security Services

Discover our cyber-security services, available to organizations of all sizes and sectors.

Security Hardware

WITS is the only dealer in Lebanon that focuses on security-oriented hardware. We stock various items including authentication keys (e.g. YubiKeys) and Hak5 penetration testing products.

Web Security Services Platform

W2S2 is a platform providing various automated security services such as Attack Surface Management and vulnerability detection. W2S2 is not officially launched as of yet.

Web Application Testing

Get your web applications, APIs and other web-based assets thoroughly tested for security issues via a combination of manual assessments and automated scanning.

High Frequency Monitoring – HFM

Have your web-based assets continuously monitored with WITS HFM. This high-frequency, fully-automated vulnerability scanning service ensures common and generic issues are caught quickly, significantly reducing an attacker’s window of opportunity.

Attack Surface Management & Asset Discovery

You can’t secure it if you don’t know it exists. Domain names, DNS Records, cloud instances, and miscellaneous services are often left exposed to the internet as part of testing environments and partially decommissioned systems. These often have subpar security and present an unnecessary attack surface to malicious actors. Have us do a comprehensive inventory of your internet properties for greatly increased security and significant cost savings.

Security System Integration

Do you need to integrate security software into your existing systems? We perform seamless integration of our vulnerability scanning and attack surface management solutions.

Other Services

We are ready to offer services tailored to your particular needs.

  • Source code review
  • Simulated Phishing Exercises
  • Development of custom security tooling, from simple CLI tools to systems with autoscaling infrastructure for large distributed workloads.

Please contact us so we can discuss your needs.