About WITS

Recognizing the growing need for specialized cybersecurity services in Lebanon, WITS was established to address this demand. We are committed to delivering a broad range of advanced cybersecurity solutions that encompass various aspects of digital safety. Our offerings include cutting-edge security testing for web applications and networks, designed to identify and rectify vulnerabilities, thereby enhancing the overall resilience of your digital infrastructure.

Furthermore, we have developed proactive security software capable of continuous surveillance of a variety of online assets, ensuring they are adequately defended against evolving cyber threats. Our proactive approach aids in the timely detection and neutralization of potential threats before they escalate.

Alongside these primary services, WITS provides a comprehensive portfolio of other information security solutions, each crafted to address unique cybersecurity challenges. Through our extensive suite of services, we aim to reinforce Lebanon’s digital landscape with robust security measures.

Our Vision

Our fundamental belief is that online security deserves to be positioned at the top of priorities in this ever-evolving information age. As our world becomes progressively digital, the necessity of ensuring robust security in our online interactions grows simultaneously. Despite this, we see an alarming trend of negligence or even complete disregard of these vital precautions. This is an attitude we are keen on changing.

At our core, we strive to make online security not just a possibility but a readily accessible reality for everyone. Whether you’re a part of the medical industry dealing with sensitive patient data, or an educator shaping young minds in a digital classroom, a small business owner leveraging the power of e-commerce, or simply an individual trying to navigate the vast digital landscape with peace of mind, we’re here to facilitate that journey. We seek to bridge the gap between the necessity of online security and its actual implementation, making it less daunting and more user-friendly.

By providing dependable services and solutions, we work towards simplifying the complex world of online security. Our services aren’t designed exclusively for the tech-savvy. Instead, they’re intuitive, easy to understand, and operate, making it simpler for everyone to be secure online. No one should feel excluded or overwhelmed when it comes to their online safety, regardless of their technical knowledge or lack thereof. It is this ethos of inclusivity and accessibility that drives us, as we continue to advance towards a world where online security is universally recognized, respected, and implemented

Legal Information

WITS Cybersecurity is registered in Lebanon, as an S.A.R.L. (LLC) company with commercial register number 2063937.