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    BurpSuite Enterprise License

    6,040.00 $34,900.00 $

    Burp Suite Enterprise Edition Scan it all. With the enterprise-enabled dynamic web vulnerability scanner. Features Burp Scanner Catch the latest vulnerabilities with Burp Scanner – the dynamic (DAST) web vulnerability scanner trusted at over 16,000 organizations. Recurring scanning Set your scans to run on a daily, weekly, or even monthly basis. Scalable scanning Scale the…

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    BurpSuite Professional License (1 to 10 years)

    469.00 $4,535.00 $

    Burp Suite Professional is a highly valued toolkit for those engaged in web security testing. It offers capabilities for automating routine testing tasks, freeing up time to use its suite of carefully crafted tools for manual and semi-automated testing. Get your license from WITS.