Faraday Case Signal Blocking Shielding Pouch 10×19.5cm

8.00 $

Signal Blocking Faraday Case For Car Key Cell Phone Car Keys Remote Control Shielding Bag Anti-Radiation Signal Shielding Pouch


1. Smart way to protect your car – Just put the car keychain in the bag and you will be protected. Don’t worry about the thief zooming in on your remote control signal and turning it on again, effectively preventing your keyless entry remote from being accessed remotely.

2. Luxury, functionality and style – High quality carbon fiber microfiber and signal blocking materials to protect your car key chain.

3. Not only suitable for cars – This large size bag uses durable signal shielding fabric to test more than 99% of the car key signal. Suitable for all mobile phones.

4. Universal for mobile phones – If you don’t want to answer the phone, you can put the phone in the silver pocket of the bag and turn it off, then disconnect the phone; this package can also block the phone GPS signal to prevent tracking and protect your privacy



Size: 10×19.5cm when closed