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What’s Vulnerability Management

In order to reduce risks for the organization, vulnerability management is a management process created to proactively identify, categorize, remediate, and manage vulnerabilities in your company. Given that hackers are constantly looking for security flaws and vulnerabilities to exploit in order to launch cyber-attacks, it is one of the fundamental security practices that every organization in today’s society should be following.

The vulnerability assessment, entails locating vulnerabilities and figuring out what risks they pose to your company.

The cycle of vulnerability management involves using the vulnerability assessment to develop project schedules and priorities for evaluating and mitigating it.

If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, you will be hacked. What’s more, you deserve to be hacked.

Richard Clarke- national security expert

Why do you need Vulnerability Management

You may not think that exploits, viruses and other threats are making a difference to you, but your business is feeling their impact everyday.

Forrester Global Security Survey: “49 percent of organizations have suffered one or more breaches in the past year.” As of November 2022, at least 21,197 new security holes were disclosed in 2022, and a large portion of them had a public exploit available.

You don’t want to put your company at risk with these percentages. That is why vulnerability management is so important: it identifies vulnerabilities before they are exploited. And at WITS we hack you before hackers do in order to provide you with a hacker’s perspective on the gaps in your system.

By utilizing our vulnerability management service, you are improving your organization’s overall security posture. When we identify key assets and prioritize our efforts to reduce risk, your business will inevitably flourish.

How We Do It